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Recladding is the process of removing the existing exterior cladding (EIFS, cedar, etc.) from a home and replacing it with a new facade in brick, stone, stucco, cedar, hardie board or a combination of these materials. 

Reasons homeowners decide to reclad:

  • Existing EIFS exterior has extensive damage and repairs are costly
  • Concerns with EIFS exterior in regards to future repair and maintenance issues and costs over the lifetime of the home.
  • Increase marketability of home that currently has an EIFS exterior. Reduce days on market and increase market value of home.
  • Desire to give the home a “face-lift” – improve the curb appeal by adding stone or brick to update the look of an older home.
  • When the cost differential between repairing the existing EIFS exterior and recladding the home are evaluated and recladding makes more sense.

If you are considering recladding your EIFS home, JAD Exteriors has the experience, training and customer sensitivity required to make your project a success.

  • We will properly identify the real cause of your exterior problems before recladding.  Assuming the problem is the EIFS would be a mistake and might not solve your problem.
  • We recognize that our jobsite is your home and work with you to minimize interference with your daily activities.
  • Our crews will treat your property with care and respect.
  • We work hard to minimize the impact of our work space on your landscaping
  • Our inside team will coordinate the location of placement of materials, equipment and dumpster to minimize the impact to your daily activities.
  • Our crew will cleanup job site at the end of every work day

Services Included With your Reclad

  • Removal and disposal of existing EIFS (dryvit) exterior
  • Repairs to damaged sub-sheathing or framing
  • New weather barrier
  • Window and door head flashing
  • New kickout and diverter flashing
  • New caulking and sealant package
  • New exterior cladding selected by homeowner: brick, stone, traditional stucco, cedar, hardie-board

 JAD Exteriors has reclad over 100 homes

We understand that a project of this size can seem a little overwhelming.  Working with the JAD Exteriors design team will put you at ease. Our experienced staff can provide the following services:

  • Pull building permit
  • Engineer sign-off and approval on new exterior design and load considerations.
  • Design recommendations
  • Assistance with product selections
  • Provide a  portfolio of “Before and After” photographs of homes we have completed
  • Customer Referrals
  • Material samples (brick, stone, cedar, hardie board)
  • Artist rendering of proposed new exterior
  • New facia, soffit, gutters, downspouts
  • New windows and doors
  • Custom designed mail box to match your new exterior
  • Customized accents for your home: gable arches, dentels, shutters, wrought iron decorative rails, copper roof
  • Digital photographs of your complete reclad – start to finish