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Home Water Damage Repair

Home Water Damage Repair

Roof Leaks

Moisture intrusion into the exterior cladding may occur because of a roof leak or roof design defect. Let experts in Home Water Damage Repair determine the real cause of the problem. Hiring professionals is very important in order to properly repair the exterior safely, effectively, and to code.  JAD Exteriors often repairs roof leaks in conjunction with our exterior wall repairs.

Repair Damaged Framing or Sub-sheathing due to "Moisture Intrusion"

Replacement of damaged sub-sheathing requires the removal of the existing sub-sheathing and replacement with new exterior sub-sheathing. JAD Exteriors will digitally photograph all the repairs and can provide you with documentation of the areas replaced. Replacement of any damaged framing and cavity wall insulation is covered under “change order” work and is an example of a “hidden defect”, something that can not be defined or discovered until the wall is opened.

The JAD Exteriors Mission

Our mission is your complete satisfaction. Our success is based upon experience, quality workmanship, and our dedication to exceeding customer expectations.

Homeowners, realtors, retail and commercial building owners and property managers rely on our expertise for their exterior repairs, renovations and maintenance.

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